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Nikki Haley targets Iran, China and Russia for October 7 Hamas massacre in Israel

- May 28, 2024

Tel Aviv, May 28( BPNS)

Republican party leader and former envoy of the United States to the United Nations ,Nikki Haley has charged Iran, China and Russia to be behind the October 7 massacre in southern Israel in which 1200 people were brutally killed and 250 taken as hostages by the Hamas militant organization.

The top US leader who is on a tour of Israel in a statement on Monday said that Iran orchestrated the attack with the support of Russian intelligence and China funded the entire operation. Haley said that Russian’s provided the intelligence on where everything was and China has been funding Iran.

Nikki Haley in the statement said, “ They are all murderers and accomplices. If we really mean it is not going to happen again, we have to be honest and truthful to ourselves about who did this.”

She also said that if America was complacent and arrogant the same thing would happen in the United States also. Nikki Haley did not present any proof for the involvement of the superpowers China and Russia.

However it may be recalled that the Russian president, Vladamir Putin had hosted Hamas leaders in Moscow after the October 7 massacre. Hamas leaders Moosa Abu Marzouk, head of Hamas’s International Relations Office, Basem Naim, former health minister of Hamas. The Russian deputy foreign minister, Mikhail Bogdanov had met the visiting Hamas leaders along with Iran deputy foreign minister, Ali Bagheri Kani.

The Republican leader who is likely to become the running mate to the party Presidential candidate, Donald Trump visited the southern Israel region. She also visited the Sderot police station that was destroyed in the October 7 massacre of Hamas.