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Omicron variant wipes out Delta variant completely in TN Covid cases

- March 29, 2022

Chennai, March 29 (BPNS)

The Tamil Nadu Directorate of Public health in a statement said that the Delta variant of Covid -19 is now totally replaced by the Omicron variant in the state.

The report of the state public health department said that 68.4 percent of all whole-genome sequenced samples were of the BA. 2 variant while 15.2 percent were of the BA.1.1 variant.

The other variants are BA.1(10.3 percent ), B.1.1.529( 6 percent), and BA. 3(0.05 percent). The whole-genome sequenced samples did not have any Delta variant of Covid -19, the statement said.

Interestingly in January 2022, while the Omicron variant of Covid -19 represented 92 percent of the samples, 4 percent were of Delta and the rest were of other variants.

The state public health department also said that Tamil Nadu will continue with its surveillance and added that in Europe and the United States of America,  the BA. 2 variant led to the surge in Covid -19 cases and hence called upon the people not to lower their guards.

It is to be noted that fresh Covid -19 cases are on a decline in Tamil Nadu with the state reporting only 33 new cases. 26 of the 38 districts in the state reported no new Covid cases on Monday.

Tamil Nadu health minister, Ma Subramanian while speaking to BPNS said, “ Even as there is no need to panic on the high incidences of BA.2 variant of Covid -19 in samples tested, we have directed all the district collectors to be on guard and to strictly monitor the situation in their respective districts in association with the District health officials and the District police authorities.”

The state on Monday, according to, the public health department, tested 28,916 samples and only 33 cases were reported positive for Covid -19. The Test Positivity Rate (TPR) was 0.1 percent.

The Tamil Nadu health secretary, J. Radhakrishnan while speaking to BPNS said, “ Chennai, Vellore, and Chengalpattu have been showing variations even as there is a slump in the overall cases. Chennai district had recorded 19 positive cases on Sunday while it was only 12 on Saturday but the figures have again come down to 16 on Monday.”

He said that all the district collectors have been given an alert to review minor increases and the fluctuating number of fresh cases in certain districts including Chennai.