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CPI-M party Congress will decide on TN CPM participating in temple programmes

- April 4, 2022

Chennai, April 4 (BPNS)

The Communist Party of India (Marxist ) which has turned into a minuscule political party in Tamil Nadu has decided to rework its strategy in approaching the public. The party in its recently concluded state conference held on March 30, 31 and April 1 decided that the party cadres would henceforth participate in temple programmes.

In the olden days,the Communist Party of India (Marxist) was at the forefront of hefty campaigns against religious beliefs, especially against temples and their rituals but as time changes, the CPI-M of Tamil Nadu has decided to embrace religion and actively take part in temple festivals.

Don’t think that the comrades are entering temples to worship and conduct rituals wholeheartedly but out of fear of a resurgent RSS and BJP stamping their presence in almost all temple festivals and rituals.

CPM, state secretary, K. Balakrishnan while speaking to BPNS said, “The party is involving in the cultural activities attached with the temple festivals and these are places where masses attend in large numbers”.

Another interesting factor is that the CPI-M feels that it has to be proactive in religious programmes or will be outdated and outnumbered by mainstream society.

Senior CPM leaders of Tamil Nadu are however downplaying the decision of the party-state conference and a secretariat member of the party Tamil Nadu unit told BPNS that the party has nothing to lose in embracing religion.

He said, “ Party has always been trying to reach out to the masses and there is no point in shying away from religious affairs as the people are actively involved in these programmes. Party state committee has already clarified that we will be participating in cultural programmes.”

The CPM has seen the growth of BJP in Southern Tamil Nadu and the saffron party has always been promoting Hindutva politics and has struck a chord in South Tamil Nadu especially Kanniyakumari district of Tamil Nadu.

CPI-M Tamil Nadu leader and party secretariat member, P. Shanmugham while speaking to BPNS said, “ There is no ideological shift and the final decision will the be taken at the Party Congress to be held from April 6 to 10th at Kannur in Kerala. You can see party comrades in temple administrations in Kerala and comrades actively participating in Durga Pooja celebrations in West Bengal, there need not be much discussion on the party participating in temple programmes in Tamil Nadu.”

He said that 95 percent of the people of Tamil Nadu are believers but not communal and the party has decided to counter certain forces who are trying to hijack the religious people and convert them into communalists.

It may be noted that the ruling DMK has also climbed down from its earlier stand of verbal attacks against temple goers and the present Chief Minister, M.K. Stalin has already announced a budgetary allocation of Rs 1000 crores for the renovation of temples.

With appeasement politics being the order of the day, the CPI-M has decided that it must not be left behind and hence joining the campaign.