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Pakistan nearing its disintegration, Sindhudesh leader Zafar Sahito 

- April 10, 2022

Leader of the Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement (JSFM), Zafar Sahito who lives in exile in the United States of America has said that Pakistan was a state created by fake ideology and for some international benefit to the British, and now it has become a liability for everyone and is on the verge of disintegration. Sindhi, Baloch, and Pashtun people are totally unhappy with the dominance of the Punjabis in Pakistan and this contradiction is creating major problems for Pakistan.

 The JSFM leader is regularly bringing up issues related to the cruelty faced by the Sindhi community in Pakistan in various international forums. Zafar is regularly in touch with the Congressmen in the United States and political leadership of Europe and the United Kingdom to fan up support for the Sindhudesh cause and the atrocities carried out by the Pakistan military against the people of Sindhudesh.

Excerpts from an interview with the Sindhudesh leader who is in exile

Zafar Sahito/Arun Lakshman

 Q: What’s the present position of Sindhudesh?

A-  The struggle for Sindhudesh is gearing up day by day because the people of occupied Sindh are fed up with this fundamentalist failed state of Pakistan where military establishment is continuously terrorizing the common people to continue their rule. There is a lot of anger in people against radical Islamist Pakistan.

There are reports of Sindhi people being persecuted in Pakistan on a regular basis, Your comment?

Yes . Pakistan since its creation has suppressed politically people of occupied Sindh and created fear by using Islamist groups. Fifty-five senior leaders of the Sindh movement were killed by Pakistani agencies and hundreds are subjected to enforced disappearances. These days Pakistan is isolated and in a big economic crisis and the  Military establishment of this Islamist country is using various methods to loot the national resources of Sindh. Due to reason ratio of atrocities has increased against our people by the rogue military leadership of Pakistan.

As a person living in exile, how fruitful is your struggle?

Internationally Pakistan’s position is down morally and politically due to its failed policies and state-sponsored terrorism. These facts and figures are helping me to expose Pakistan worldwide by meeting with different groups, organizations, and government officials here in the USA. Currently, I am working on the “Sanction Pakistan” bill and “declare Pakistan a terrorist state “. Hopefully, it will help us to achieve the ultimate goal of our right to self-determination.

Pakistan is in a major political crisis and PM Imran Khan has alleged that a foreign power is behind the move to oust him. Your comments?

These crises are created by the military establishments because they are the actual owners of Pakistan. They have some internal issues between ISI and Military intelligence because of the Taliban’s ownership. One group in military establishment wants to support the Taliban to have some type of government as in Afghanistan. Pakistan can never have a real democracy because it’s state-owned by the military. Imran Khan is a puppet as before like Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhuto3 and it is going to be continued.

There are issues in Balochistan, Sindhudesh, and Pashtun areas of Pakistan. Are these movements strong enough at the ground level to get noticed among the people?

The core issue of Pakistan is a national contradiction because Sindhi, Baloch & Pashtuns are historical nations and they can not accept this new identity of being Pakistani forced on them by one province Punjab. In Pakistan’s military, there are 70 percent Punjabi and they are controlling everything.
The people of Sindh, Balochistan, and Pashtunisthan are now realizing what Punjabi did to Bangladesh ( East Pakistan) and the same thing is happening with us so that feeling of helplessness is cause of anger even among common people. People are coming out now openly against Pakistan at the ground level.

Are the Islamist forces in Pakistan controlling the administration?

Yes, Military establishments have many high-level officials who have the thought of radical Islamist laws and are aligned with various Islamist groups.

Hafis Saeed, who was behind the Mumbai attacks is now sentenced to 31 years in Jail. Will it be implemented or will the terror leader who has enjoyed close relationships with several leaders of Pakistan come out free?

Pakistan is safe haven for Terrorists. Hafiz Saeed, Masood Azhar, and many other internationally wanted terrorists are living a life of military officials having protocols. These sentences and arrests are just dramas Pakistan has always played to get out of FATF and to get sympathy from Western nations.

Is Pakistan on the verge of disintegration?
Life of unnatural things is not for the long term. Pakistan was created on fake ideology and to achieve some international interest by the British. Now Pakistan has become a liability for everyone, so I can see clearly that Pakistan is near to its death.

Have you taken this issue up in the United Nations?

We Sindhis are members of Unrepresented Nations and People’s Organisation( UNPO) which works to develop the understanding and respect for the right to self-determination. UNPO provides advice and support related to questions related to international recognition and political autonomy.  Some former members such as Armenia, East Timor, Estonia, Latvia, Georgia, and Palau have gained full independence and joined the United Nations.