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‘Finish Them’ US Republican leader Nikki Haley writes on shell in Lebanon border

- May 29, 2024

Tel Aviv, May 29 (BPNS)

The United States Republican party leader and former Governor of Carolina province Nikki Haley has while touring the Lebanon border in Israel written on a shell, ‘Finish Them’.

Israel Parliament Member Danny Danon who was the country’s Ambassador to the United Nations along with Nikki Haley had shared this in his social media platform, ‘X’.

Haley was seen writing on the shell with a multiple marker pen on the shell.

Dannon in his post said, “ Finish Them ,this is what my friend former Ambassador Nikki Haley wrote”. Danny Danon is accompanying Nikki Haley during her tour in Israel.

It may be recalled that Nikki Haley, who is likely to be the running mate of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, has been touring Israel since the past two days. She has already met the families of hostages in Kibbutz Be’eri and Kfar Aza region where the Hamas massacre of October 7 led to major losses of human lives.

Donald Trump’s close associates and foreign policy advisors, Robert O’Brein, former National Security Advisor (NSA) during Trump’s regime, John Rakolta, former Ambassador of the United States to United Arab Emirates (UAE) ,considered the architect of Abraham Accords and former Ambassador to Switzerland, Ed McMullen had recently been in Israel and met Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister, Yoav Gallant.