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TN Maths teacher’s YouTube hit among students of Classes X, XI, and XII

- April 25, 2022

Chennai, April 25 (BPNS )

The YouTube videos of a Tamil Nadu government school Mathematics teacher, Tamil Selvan have become a major hit among students of Classes Xth, XI, and XII.

Students who are stuck with problems in Mathematics avail of the YouTube of Tamil Selvan and find solutions.

The Maths teacher while speaking to BPNS said, “ I am a postgraduate in Mathematics and have been teaching in government school, Kalapatti, and after my school hours,I teach the concepts of Maths interactively in the Tamil language in YouTube vidoes.”

 He said that earlier it was tough for him to explain the concepts during the lockdown period in the online mode, but when he commenced uploading videos in YouTube, things became easier.

Sukanya, a class XI student of Government school, Kalapati while speaking to IANS said, “ The YouTube videos are awesome. It is in Tamil language and the concepts are explained in detail by Tamil Selvan Sir. Whenever I get doubts, I refer to YouTube and get answers. This revision exam I got 92 percent in Mathematics, thanks to him.”

The Mathematics teacher said that his YouTube video has more than 13000 subscribers and students from all schools are viewing his videos. He however said that he has not monetized the video and that he was clear that this was only his service to the student community and not for monetary purposes.

Tamil Selvan while speaking to BPNS said, “ I have uploaded more than 300 videos and students have commented to me that this is very helpful to them. I am thankful that the students are getting hold of the concepts of Mathematics through my YouTube videos.”

He said that he would be uploading more than 1150 videos on the concepts and Mathematical problems in the days to come and will try to reach out to more students across the state.

K. R. Kannan, a senior officer with the Education department while speaking to BPNS said, “ The initiative is excellent and Tamil Selvan explaining Mathematics in Tamil language will help students understand the concepts well. The 13000 subscriber base is indeed clear proof that his YouTube videos have become a hit among the students. The department is contemplating on supporting him and other teachers who can provide support to students in other subjects also in a simple manner.”