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Parents install 5.2 feet stone idol of son after his death in TN

- May 12, 2022

Chennai, May 12 (BPNS)

 K. Hariharan (48) a businessman in Kancheepuram district was on the way to meet a doctor for consultation with his wife, on May 10, when he suddenly developed chest pain and fainted, and died.

After his death, his parents, 80-year-old retired teacher Karunakaran and Sivakami (72) were inconsolable and after a few days, they decided to build a statue of their son and install it at their home.

The family contacted a sculptor who charged Rs 2.5 lakh to erect the statue.

Late Hariharan’s  friend Suralikumaran, a businessman at Kancheepuram while speaking to BPNS said, “ His mother and father were insistent that an idol of him be made and already installed it at their home and converted that room into a temple.”

According to his friends and family members, the deity of Hariharan protects the family from all odds.