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Thiruvananthapuram girl enters India book of records by drawing pictures

- June 5, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram, June 5 (IANS)

Najiya Navas, a graduate from the state capital has entered the India Book of records by drawing pictures using the Warli painting unique for the tribal community of North Sahyadri Range in Maharashtra.

A Warli painting of her of  5 -inch in length and breadth fetched her the India book of records award by breaking the 10-inch length and breadth warli painting.

Najiya had not learned painting professionally and had learned the tricks of the trade online and has so far drawn more than 100 pictures.

Speaking to IANS, Najiya said that it was during the Covid -19 lockdown that she entered into the world of Warli painting and has already sold several of her drawings online and earned money.

She said that she is planning to learn drawing and painting in a scientific manner from Mumbai in the days to come. Najiya has already sent her pictures to the Guinness book of records and is waiting to get recognition for the same.

Najiya is the daughter of Navas and Najma of Kaniyauram in Thiruvananthapuram.