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Katpadi railway station to be developed in total disabled-friendly manner

- May 27, 2022

Chennai, May 27 (BPNS)

The Katpadi railway station which is one of the oldest railway junctions in the country is to be developed with a project cost of Rs 360 crore and will be completely disabled-friendly.

It is to be noted that Indian Railways is committed to having many disabled-friendly railway stations across the country and provides a host of disabled-friendly facilities. Railways is focusing to aid people with visual disabilities, people utilizing wheelchairs, and those with hearing disabilities to travel independently as well as with dignity by reducing their dependency on others while traveling on Indian Railways.

The renovated Katpadi Railway station will have all facilities prescribed for a disabled-friendly station including assistance for those with visual disabilities, wheelchair-bound disabled people, and those with hearing impairments. Braille indicators will be installed at station platforms and railings to identify platform numbers and facilities.  There will be a QR code to watch the video about the railway station in sign language for the hearing impaired. A portable ramp and wheelchair to board the divyang coach will be made available at the station.

The foundation stone for the development of the airport was done by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday through video conferencing.

The railway station will be developed with world-class amenities on a total area of 86 acres and a built-up area of 30,000 sq m.

Separate arrival and departure terminals will be built to ease passenger movement and a parking capacity to accommodate 220 four-wheelers, 1100 two-wheelers, and 170 autorickshaws will be developed.

The developed railway station will have a spacious lobby area, concourse with seating facility,  budget hotels, stalls for essentials, retail kiosks, commercial areas, and bed lifts for transportation of patients.

Katpadi junction will be developed in an eco-friendly manner with a focus on efficient water and energy management by setting up sewage treatment plants, rainwater harvesting, and full use of LED bulbs.

Integrated solar panels will be used over platform shelters and rooftops and use of eco-friendly refrigerants.