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V.D. Satheeshan turns hero, plan and executes huge win in Thrikkakara by-poll

- June 3, 2022

Femina Jaisal/Thiruvananthapuram, June 3 (BPNS)

“IF the UDF candidate wins Thrikkakkara bypoll, its the success of Congress party but if the candidate loses the polls or even its majority, then it is my responsibility”, the statement given by V.D Satheesan, the Leader of the Opposition shows how vigorously he took the by-election. It was also the first bypoll after he has taken the charge of the front after Congress’s pathetic defeat in the Kerala assembly elections of 2021.

From the announcement of the candidate in the Thrikkakkara bypoll to winning with a record margin, the opposition leader is the star of the game. Once the ballot countings were done, the party celebrated the victory as the UDF retained the seat with the highest majority in the history of the constituency. The thumping win also assessed the performance of V.D Satheesan, as a hope for the party.

In the wake of the demise of the Congress Legislator, P.T Thomas, Thrikkakkara constituency marched into the election on 31, May 2022. The UDF had named Uma Thomas, widow of late P.T. Thomas without any internal chaos, and the LDF picked an interventional cardiologist, Dr. Jo Joseph.

Meanwhile, The BJP,  fielded veteran leader, A.N Radhakrishnan. After allegations and counter-allegations, from a man booked for releasing a sleazy video of the LDF candidate, to the bogus voting that happened in the booth, the constituency witnessed strong campaigns with leaders of all parties descending at the constituency . The results of the by-poll on Friday, June 3 backed the UDF candidate, Uma Thomas, with the LDF candidate trailing by more than 25,000 votes. While the sparkling victory with a lead of 25,000 votes was for Uma Thomas, the man of the match is V.D Satheesan.

The Leader of the Opposition, also considers this verdict in Thrikkakkara, as fuel for strengthening Congress and UDF, which curtailed LDF’s dream of achieving 100 assembly seats. Even the so-called, Captain Pinarayi Vijayan, came up with a high voltage campaign. Satheesan’s plans knocked out the LDF government from taking hold of Thrikkakkara, which is a cross-section of Kerala as people from across the state stay and work here.

After the huge victory, V.D Satheesan took potshots at the LDF, as it has given a fitting reply to the arrogance and that the high voltage campaign led by Kerala Chief Minister, Pinarayi Vijayan, did not influence people’s mandate. Satheeshan also considers this win as a warning for the ruling dispensation to step back from the Silver Line project. The LDF Candidate told the media, that they will hit sixer in the election and hit the century in the assembly, before the results, but V.D Satheesan’s attack got the wicket of the candidate, and clean bowled Pinarayi Vijayan.

On the other hand, CPM state secretary, Kodiyeri Balakrishnan pointed out that UDF has joined hands with anti-LDF forces to mark a win. He declared that he accepts Thrikkakkara’s verdict in this bypoll while rubbishing this result as a referendum on the Silver Line Project. “Thrikkakkara is a Congress stronghold. The decline in BJP’s vote share and the absence of Twenty20 favoured, UDF in the election. BJP’s share has been declining since 2016,” he stated while addressing the media at the CPI-M headquarters, AKG Centre on Friday.