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“Paying the employees not comes the priority”: KSRTC affidavit in HC

- June 7, 2022

Ernakulam, June 7 (BPNS)

KSRTC has said that paying its employees is not its priority, but providing public services comes primary, amid the severe payroll crisis, against the petition filed in High Court. The management has also raised harsh criticism that they could not pay the salary as if the employees show a hold back from work while responding to the petition seeking payment of salary before the fifth of every month.

The management revealed that the KSRTC is functioning under a loss of Rs 1500 crore every year. And the reality is that even though it is a non-profit organization, it does not cover the day-to-day expenses. 12 working hours a day are needed to run more than 600 buses, which have been inactive over the past few months. The corporation also alleged that employees were opposed to the solutions being brought in to generate revenue.

According to KSRTC, if the reforms are implemented, it will be possible to earn Rs 200 crore per month through ticket revenue by October, which generated Rs 193 crore last month. The State Finance Department had sanctioned Rs 30 crore, which will be transferred after completing the procedures, to assist KSRTC to pay its employees, although the Transport department had demanded Rs 65 crore.  But even with this financial assistance, salary disbursal would get delayed, as the department needs over Rs 82 crore. The state transport unions have already started their protest against the delay in salary distribution.