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Genocide call against Brahmins: Subramanian Swamy complains to Election commission to cancel registration of DMK

- June 8, 2022

Chennai, June 8 (BPNS)

BJP leader and former Union Minister Dr. Subramanian Swamy have in a letter to the Election commission called to initiate action against DMK after some of its leaders called for genocide of Brahmins of Tamil Nadu.

Dr. Swamy said that the registration of the DMK must be canceled for such atrocious statements by its leaders. The BJP leader also wanted the Election Commission to cancel the election symbol of the DMK and requested the constitutional body to allow him to argue the case before it.

He said that as the DMK being a registered political party, such atrocious statements were against the Representation of Peoples Act.

It may be noted that the Spokesman of the DMK, R. Rajiv Gandhi had claimed that the Tamil Brahmins should have been killed as per the directions of the Dravidian icon, Periyar.

In a tweet a couple of days before, the DMK leader had remarked, “If we Shudras had done what Periyar told us back then, we wouldn’t have had to struggle with Brahmins for Justice, rights, education and equality. 3% of you Brahmins are still dominating some areas.”

His tweet endorsing the genocide of Tamil Brahmins, came after political commentator Sumanth Raman had shared a snippet of Periyars speech of 1973 in Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu in which he had called for the annihilation of the Tamil Brahmins.

Periyar had in the speech lamented how a Hindu Brahmin god ,Murugan had killed demon king’ Soodra Padman’ who had supposedly said that there was no god.

The Dravidian icon had remarked, “Tamil Brahmins killed him. So now we can kill those buggers. That won’t be wrong, maybe legally it will be wrong. That legal offense and all is humbug. We can’t be bothered that it is legally wrong. We had to come to this conclusion.”

Subramanian Swamy in his letter to the Election Commission said, “ I write this letter to request you to appraise the chairman and members of the Election commission that a Secretary of the DMK Party which is a registered and recognized party by the Election commission , has violated the principles laid down by the commission based on the Representation of Peoples Act. The said Secretary had declared that the Brahmins of Tamil Nadu should be subject to ‘genocide’ as was recommended earlier by the Founder of  Dravidian movement led by E.V. Ramaswamy Nayakar known as Periyar to the DMK.”

Subramanian Swamy requested the Election Commission to take appropriate steps to bring the DMK to justice.