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BJP Sankalp Patra promises to promote Tamil language globally

- April 14, 2024

Chennai ,April 14( BPNS)

The Sankalp Patra or election manifesto of the BJP released by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the 134th birthday of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar at New Delhi has promised to promote Tamil language globally.

The BJP manifesto promises to set up Thiruvalluvar Cultural centres across the world for the global elevation of Tamil language and culture.

The Prime Minister while releasing the Sankalp Patra said,” Thiruvallluvar Cultural centres will be built across the world and BJP will undertake every effort to enhance the reputation of Tamil , the world’s oldest language.”
Thiruvalluvar or Valluvar is a Tamil poet and cultural icon of Tamil Nadu and Prime Minister is trying to connect with the Tamil society by evoking the memories of Tamil cultural icons of the state.

Narendra Modi has visited Tamil Nadu seven times in the last two months and has been vociferously promoting Tamil culture ,language and Tamil icons.

Modi was in Rameswaram temple and Tiruchi Srirangam temple and in Dhanushkodi before he attended the Ram temple consecration function at Ayodhya.

Prime minister had also installed the ‘Chengol’ in the newly constructed Indian parliament building and had evoked the memories of Chola kingdom.

Narendra Modi had also spoken in Tamil language at the United Nations and had also communicated to the people of Tamil Nadu that speaking in Tamil at the UN in 2019 was one the happiest moments of his life.

The BJP is trying hard to win a few seats from Tamil Nadu and the Prime Minister has also been trying to promote and project Tamil language and culture.