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Naveen Jindal gets fresh death threats over ‘controversial’ remarks

- June 16, 2022

New Delhi, June 16 (IANS) 

Former BJP leader Naveen Jindal has lodged a fresh complaint with the Delhi Police against unknown persons for threatening him over his controversial remarks on Prophet Muhammad through emails.

Jindal allegedly received four emails containing threats from unknown senders. He immediately lodged a complaint with DCP East Delhi office.

“They have threatened to kill me. They wrote that they might take time — one year or two years — but will kill me for sure. They have threatened that if they fail to kill me, their grandchildren will kill me,” said Jindal in the complaint.

One of the threat mail senders has written that Jindal would meet the same fate as Kamlesh Tiwari and that no power can save him.

The former BJP leader said that the accused have dared him to come out of the home alone.

Jindal was dismissed from the BJP after controversy erupted over his remark against Prophet Muhammad which was in support of suspended party BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma’s statement.

The dismissed leader had also alleged that a few persons had followed him few days ago when he went to meet someone.

He had informed the police about the same