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Pre-historic rock carvings discovered in Tiruvannamalai district of TN

- June 17, 2022

Chennai, June 17 (BPNS)

Tiruvannamalai Centre For Historic Research(TCHR), an organization in the studies of archeological research and documentation has called upon the Tamil Nadu Archeology department to conduct detailed studies on rock carvings in the Tiruvannamalai district after Petroglyph or Prehistoric rock carvings were detected in the district. A study conducted by the TCHR has stumbled upon these ancient rock carvings in the district which, according to historians would be around 3000- 5000 years old.

This according to the organization is the second Petroglyph detected in Tamil Nadu. The first one was found at Perimkul in Tindivanam district of the state.

 The rock carvings were found on a hillock near the banks of Thenpennai river at Thondamanur village in Tiruvannamalai district.

The carvings have a deer-like figure, a human figure, and various straight and curved lines that are indecipherable as of now. The secretary of TCHR, S. Balamurugan while speaking to BPNS said “The carvings are 10 feet in length and width and have cup marks near to them.”

Archeologist and historical researcher, Gandhi Rajan who conducted a study on the carvings, said that the carvings could be 3000- 5000 years old.

TCHR has requested the Tamil Nadu Archeological department to conduct a detailed study into the rock carvings which they have stumbled upon and wanted to conduct excavations in the area that could throw light on the old settlements in the area and the trade and cultural contacts the place had with other states and even nations.

The TCHR office bearers also said that the archeological studies may be carried out to get a rough idea of the civilization that was in existence in the place. The culture of the population could also be found if proper archeological excavations are carried out, TCHR office-bearers told BPNS.