ASI unearths diadem in burial urn at Tuticorin, TN

Chennai, Aug 9(BPNS) The Archeological Survey of India (ASI) unearthed a diadem at a burial urn in Tuticorin on Monday. This was similar to the 20 diadems that were excavated by the British archeologist, Alexandar Rea 120 years ago. The diadem was found in a burial urn at a one-meter depth. The ASI Tiruchi Zone […]

13 AD stone pillar with Jewish trade inscriptions found in TN

Chennai, July 13 (BPNS) Historians and researchers on Archeology stumbled upon a 13 AD stone pillar which reportedly had information on Jewish trade links. Scholars and students of Ramanathapuram Archeological  Research Foundation said that the stone pillar which was unearthed at Valantharavai in Ramanathapuram district is a pointer to the trade that had taken place […]

Pre-historic rock carvings discovered in Tiruvannamalai district of TN

Chennai, June 17 (BPNS) Tiruvannamalai Centre For Historic Research(TCHR), an organization in the studies of archeological research and documentation has called upon the Tamil Nadu Archeology department to conduct detailed studies on rock carvings in the Tiruvannamalai district after Petroglyph or Prehistoric rock carvings were detected in the district. A study conducted by the TCHR […]

Ancient terracotta lamp unearthed intact at Vembakottai in TN

Chennai, May 3 (BPNS) Excavations at Vembakottai in Virudhunagar district of Tamil Nadu have unearthed an ancient terracotta lamp, which according to archeologists is an intrinsically decorated one. Archeologists who were part of the excavation told BPNS that this was the first lamp that they have collected as a full and complete piece while fragments […]

Madurai historian set to create awareness to students on Tamil culture

Chennai, March 14 (BPNS) A seventy-year-old retired Tamil teacher, D. Devaraj Athiyasaraj is in to create awareness among students on the ancient Tamil culture with his fourth documentary film, ‘Kumari Kandam’. The retired Tamil teacher who is also a historian has already done three other documentaries on Tamil which include, “  American Kalloriyin Varalaru’, ‘ […]

World War 1 bunker found in American College, Madurai

Chennai, March 8 (BPNS) A bunker built by the British during the World War 1 was discovered accidentally at an old building in American College, Madurai. Principal of the College, Davamani Christober while speaking to BPNS said, “ During the WW1, British had built bunkers in any new buildings that were constructed. This bunker would […]