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TN Police seeks legal opinion in mid air molestation charge

- June 22, 2022

Chennai, June 22 (BPNS)

Tamil Nadu police are seeking legal opinion over a complaint filed by a Non-Resident Indian (NRI) woman against a doctor from Chennai based out of Dubai that he had groped her on a flight. The incident occurred on Saturday but the United States-based woman who is now in Tamil Nadu did not file the complaint till Tuesday.

The woman in her complaint said that she had boarded the flight from the United States and after the flight stopped in Dubai, the accused person boarded the flight.

She said that during the flight in mid-air, the doctor who was seated behind her groped her from behind and she was shocked by the behaviour of the accused.

A police officer who is investigating the case told BPNS that the woman alerted the cabin crew after the incident who informed the airport police. The police took the passport of the Dubai-based doctor into custody and questioned him but he was let off as there was no complaint lodged till Tuesday.

The police officer told BPNS that they are seeking a legal opinion as the alleged incident took place mid-air and that they don’t want any miscommunication over jurisdiction.

It may be noted that the woman had tweeted about the incident and said that she was not proceeding with the case as the accused doctor had apologized. However, she filed a  police complaint on Tuesday.