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Mining baron Janardhana Reddy watches ‘777 Charlie’ with pet dog

Ballary (Karnataka) June 26 (BPNS) 

Mining baron and former BJP minister Gali Janardhana Reddy watched ‘777 Charlie’ with his pet dog in a Ballary multiplex theatre. The photos and videos of him watching the movie with pet dog have gone viral on social media.

Janardhana Reddy is a pet lover and he has a Labrador named Rocky. He watched the movie with his family members and the pet. After watching the movie, he turned emotional and posted a message and shared a video on the social media.

“I have developed fondness and love for pets since childhood. I also love cows, I played and spent time with cats and I like birds and animals,” he wrote.

“After my difficult days, when I came back home I nursed a pet. I spend time with it with all the love. I have christened my dog as Rocky,” he says.

Janardhana Reddy explained that while he wondered why God muted dogs, which are so honest, trust-worthy and lovable, the movie of Rakshith Shetty has exhibited the true nature of man’s best friend.