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3 brothers held in UP for killing woman, daughter

- July 4, 2022

Sultanpur (Uttar Pradesh), July 4 (BPNS) 

The Sultanpur police have arrested the owner of a tent house along with his two brothers for the alleged murder of a woman and her 21-year-old daughter.

The three brothers have been identified as Irfan (tent house owner), Sadan and Shehzad. The deceased have been identified as Shakuntala, 40, along with her daughter Vijay Laxmi.

The mother-daughter duo were found murdered in their house on June 29.

The police have also recovered a machete used in the murder.

Sultanpur Superintendent of Police (SP), Somen Barma said on Monday that Shakuntala, whose husband is a vegetable vendor, did not have money to fulfil her daily needs.

“Irfan became friendly with the woman and started spending a lot of money on her. He would take her for ride in his luxury car. Then he met her 21-year-old daughter and asked the mother to let her be with him. The daughter turned down his proposal and this strained the relationship between the mother and Irfan,” the SP added.

The police official said that Irfan along with his two brothers planned to kill the mother and daughter.

On June 29, Irfan along with his two brothers entered the residence of the woman while her husband was away and asked Sadan to stand guard outside.

“I tried to persuade Shakuntala to get me married to Vijay Laxmi and even agreed to pay for her studies and pamper her with all the luxuries, but she was defiant,” Irfan told police during the interrogation.

“Upset at the rejection, I demanded all my money back from Shakuntala which led to a brawl. In a fit of rage, I took out the machete and slit her neck. Thereafter, we held Vijay Laxmi who began screaming and killed her, too, before we fled,” Irfan added.

Irfan’s call details revealed that more than 500 calls were exchanged between him and Shakuntala.