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Archeologists, anthropologists research on  small gold coin excavated at Sivagalai, TN

- August 12, 2022

Chennai, Aug 12 (BPNS)

Archeological experts and Anthropologists of Tamil Nadu have joined with the Archeological Survey of India officials in conducting detailed research on the 0.30 g gold that was unearthed during excavation at Sivagalai.

The archeologists are tight-lipped over the type of ornament this small piece of gold was part of. It may be noted that the archeological excavations were in place at Sivagalai for the past three years.

Officials of the Tamil Nadu state archeological department told BPNS that this was the first time a gold ornament piece was unearthed from the Sivagalai archeological site. The anthropologists are also studying in detail the type of civilization that inhabited in the area and the taste of the community in wearing ornaments.

The Sivagalai archeological cluster consists of Sivagalai parambu, Srimoolakkarai, Barakiramapandiyapuramm, and Pottalkottai Thiradu.  It is to be noted that Sivagalai Parambu and Srimoolakkarai are burial sites while Barakiramapandiyapuramm and Pottalkottai Thiradu are habitation areas.

According to the archeologists who are part of the excavations at the Sivagalai cluster,  more than 200 different types of articles including glass beads, mud spots, bangle pieces, smoking pipes, gamesman, spindle whorl, earlobe, bone points were unearthed.

The Tamil Nadu government has been involved in a series of excavations at many places in the state with the support of the Archeological Survey of India.