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CPM leader and former minister K.T. Jaleel draws flak over Kashmir remarks

- August 12, 2022

Chennai, Aug 12 (BPNS)

CPM leader ,KT Jaleel MLA who was a minister in the first Pinarayi Vijayan cabinet has drawn flak over serious anti- national remarks on Kashmir. The former minister in a facebook post stated that during partition Kashmir was divided into two and that the Kashmir part in Pakistan was Azad Kashmir and the other one was Indian occupied Kashmir.

The statement of Jaleel is a political stand taken by Islamist terrorists who have opined this publicly. However Jaleel, a former member of the outlawed SIMI seems to be engulfed in the political ideology of SIMI, and critics have said that he seems to be the proverbial Wolf in Sheep’s clothes.

Over a period of time, Jaleel has been creating several statements that could amount to treason and the CPM leadership is keeping a blind eye on this former SIMI leader.

Interestingly, the same CPM had come out with hammer and tongs against the Kozhikode Corporation Mayor, Prof Beena Philip for having attended a programme of ‘Balagokulam’, a cultural organization owing allegiance to the RSS.

Adv Jayashanka, a political commentator and a lawyer at the Kerala High Court while speaking in a Television discussion said that Jaleel being a former History teacher in an arts college in Kerala and a Doctoral degree holder in History has made the comments deliberately and that he seems to have not shrugged off his old SIMI, Jamat Islami political discourse from his head.

The studied silence of Jaleel after the remarks and the CPM state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan shying away from answering questions on the controversial remarks of Jaleel, there seems to have more than one sees in the exterior.