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TN pharmacist’s wedding invitation turns viral

Chennai, Aug 22 (IANS)

The wedding invitation of a pharmacist in Tamil Nadu turned viral after the Chairman of the RPG group of companies tweeted the invite. The invitation at a first glance looks like the back of a tablet strip and on close observation, it could be made out as a wedding invitation.

The couple, Ezhilarasan and Vasanthakumari are  both Postgraduates in Pharmacy and teaching in pharmacy colleges and hail from Tiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu.

Harsh Goenka in his tweet said, “ A pharmacist’s wedding invitation! People have become so innovative these days.”

People have commented on the post of Goenka and one jokingly said, “ Had they included Dolo 650 somewhere in the invitation, they could have got some sponsor for the wedding”.

Another tweeted,” Ha ha.. Very innovative wedding card you’ve explored Sir@hvgoenka. I was just searching whether the expiry date of this wedding is also given. But saw details of wedding time etc.”

A third person tweeted,” One good thing is that this Pill does not have an expiry date !! God bless the couple !!.”

With interesting comments coming up from across after Harsh Goenka took this up, the curiosity about the wedding has also increased.

The marriage between Ezhilarasan and Vasanthakumari is scheduled for September 5, 2022, at the auspicious time between 6.15 am and 7.15 am and the reception will be held a day prior to the marriage on September 4 from 7 pm onwards.

The wedding invitation of Pradeep Kaliramana from Bhushan in Haryana and held in January 2022 was also innovative as he and his wife depicted the farmer’s agitation in the wedding invitation.