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Flu on the rise among children in TN, Doctors suspect new viruses

- September 13, 2022

Chennai, Sept 13 (BPNS)

With Flu on the rise among children in various districts of Tamil Nadu, the admission rates in hospitals have increased and a large number of students are absent from schools.

Doctors said that there is a 25 percent spike in the number of flu-related fever, cold, and cough in the past few weeks across Tamil Nadu and is mostly affecting school-going children.

Dr. Manonmani.G, Professor of Pediatrics in a Government Medical College in Tamil Nadu while speaking to BPNS said, “ With the Covid protocols relaxed people are refraining from wearing masks and this can be one of the reasons for a comeback of diseases like flu among children in Tamil Nadu which was on a lull during the past two years of Covid -19 pandemic.”

She said that new forms of viruses are present among the samples taken for research and most of the children are affected by the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) which has replaced pneumonia as the common causative agent of common cold and fever among children.

Dr. Manonmani also said that after more relaxations from pandemic protocols, viruses are coming back with a vengeance. She said that certain viruses which mutate often are also present in the test samples during research and that it was a matter of concern.

Doctors also said that Human parainfluenza virus- 3 (Respiratory illness associated with bronchiolitis, bronchi, and pneumonia), rhinovirus and influenza B virus are commonly seen during this season from the samples being tested.

Dr. Bindu Menon, virologist at Madurai medical college said that there are some emerging viruses that have  never been seen before and added that all these viruses are getting hosts and that the transmission rates are on the increase.

She said that the flu is only for three to four days in children, but the children are into prolonged coughs for three weeks and are not responding to even cough syrups.

The Children’s wards in almost all the government hospitals in many districts of Tamil Nadu are full as the admission rates due to fever and cold are on the rise.