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“Experts of our state has not recommended closure of school”, TN health minister

- September 19, 2022

Chennai, Sept 19 (BPNS)

Amid strong demand coming from several quarters for shutting down of schools due to the increase in fever in the state, the state health minister, Ma Subramanian said that the experts in the state have not recommended the closure of schools.

It may be noted that the neighbouring Puducherry has recommended shutting down classes from 1  to VIII till September due to a high increase in fever cases.

Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) founder leader, Dr. S. Ramadoss who is himself a medical doctor has called for the state government to close down schools in the wake of increasing flu-like cases.

Ma Subramanian while speaking to reporters on Monday said, “ There is no unexpected increase in fever-like cases. This is the season of fever and we have adequate beds, doctors, and drugs. We have vacant beds and bed occupancy is not high. We have children among the infected but there is no need to panic. Most of the infected children recover in three days.”

It is to be noted that on Monday morning Tamil Nadu reported 368 active cases of H1N1 and 280 cases of admission in hospitals due to dengue fever.

Minister said that not all H1N1 cases are admitted to hospitals and most of the patients are getting treated at their respective homes only. He also said that during the past two years people were using masks and keeping  safe distance and regular sanitization of hands and this has led to the flu-like diseases not increasing in the state. However, after the Covid -19 protocols were relaxed people began to throng public places leading to an increase in the spread of contagious diseases.

Ma Subramanian called upon the people to wear face masks, keep safe distancing, and sanitise hands regularly.