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Man shot dead in TN over dispute on stealing goats

- October 9, 2022

Chennai, Oct 9(BPNS)

A 53-year-old man, Chinnasami, was shot dead in the wee hours of Sunday after he alleged that a person had lifted his goats from his farm. The incident occurred in Mettupalayam district of Tamil Nadu on Sunday early morning.

Chinnasami, according to Mettupalayam police is a farmer who rears cattle for a living. He noticed that some of his goats were missing and he found that the goats were lifted by someone.

Local people informed Chinnasami that a person, Ranjit (28) was behind this and that he was regularly lifting goats in the village. On hearing this Chinnasamy confronted Ranjit leading to an altercation between the two.  Police said that Ranjit feigned ignorance and said that he had not lifted any goats belonging to Chinnasami.

The farmer was not convinced by Ranjit’s denial and assaulted him. The incident, according to Mettupalayam police occurred on Saturday afternoon and Ranjit left the place.

Later by early morning of Sunday, Ranjit came back with a single-barrel loaded gun called up Chinnasami, and fired at him. Chinnasami died on the spot.

Mettupalayam police rushed to the spot and arrested Ranjit who was hiding at a friend’s place. Police said that they are conducting an investigation into whether Ranjit has been a habitual offender and the source of his gun.