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Chennai police tracing man who escaped after two  idols seized

- November 20, 2022

Chennai, Nov 20 (BPNS)

The Greater Chennai Police is on the lookout for a man, Dhinesh (32) who is absconding after two idols were seized from him and his friend at Koyambedu market, Chennai on Saturday.

According to police, it was an alert constable attached to the city police who found two persons in suspicious circumstances at Koyambedu market on Saturday. On questioning the duo they told the police that a woman from Lalgudi, Tiruchi had handed over two idols to them along with a 2 rupee currency note. They informed the police that the woman had told them that a person will meet them at Koyambedu market and will ask for the number of the currency note in their possession and said that once they tell the number correctly, the man will hand them over Rs 3 lakh and they should give the idols to him.

While Dhinesh fled the scene, Sudhakar was arrested by the police. The two idols, one a 0.75 feet, 500 gm idol of a woman figurine and a three-inch, 300 gm idol of Perumal were seized from the duo.

Police said that the idol wing police have commenced an investigation into the two idols seized and a case has been registered. It has to ascertain whether the idols are antique pieces or replicas and scientific investigations on the same are being conducted.

It may be noted that the idol wing of the Tamil Nadu police has investigated and brought back many previous idols that were stolen from the temples of Tamil Nadu. Many of the idols were recovered from world-famous auction houses as well as museums.