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Hamas senior leader Ismael Haniyehs three sons killed in alleged Israeli air strike

- April 10, 2024
Ismael Haniyeh

Chennai,April 10(BPNS)

Three sons of Hamas senior leader Ismael Haniyeh were killed in an alleged Israel air strike in Gaza on Wednesday. Palestinian media outlets have reported that several grandchildren of Haniyeh were also killed in the attack.

Haniyeh,according to Hebrew media has confirmed the killings and in a statement said, “ All of Gaza‘s citizens paid a price with the blood of their children including me.“

Arabic and Hebrew media have reported that they were killed in a vehicle at Al-Shati refugee camp in Gaza city.

It may be recalled that Haniyeh‘s 14 close family members including his brother and family were killed in Israeli air strike in October 2023.

Palestinian media had earlier reported that Haniyeh’s grand daughter Roaa Haniyeh, a doctor was also killed as was his son Hazem Haniyeh in February 2024.