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This election is for banishing corruption, dynasty politics, drugs and anti- nationals out of country, Narendra Modi

- April 10, 2024

Chennai, April 10 (BPNS)

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi said that this Lok Sabha elections was for banishing corruption, dynasty politics, drugs and those who protect anti- nationals out of country. The Prime Minister was addressing a massive gathering of BJP workers at Mettupalayam in Coimbatore on Wednesday.

Modi said that a senior DMK leader had a few days ago said that this election was for banishing Narendra Modi out of the country but in reality this election is to banish the corruption, dynasty rule, drugs and protectors of anti- nationals out of country.

Prime Minister said that the DMK was protecting the terrorists who tried to attack the pious Sangameswara temple in Coimbatore. He said that DMK was the second name of corruption and added that while the country was progressing towards 5G technology, the DMK had brought bad name in the name of 2G corruption in the country.

He said that both the INDI alliance partners , DMK and Congress were dynasty parties and have only one agenda- to reach power. Modi said that these two political parties would tell any number of lies to reach power.

Prime Minister said that Congress had long back fought election with the slogan, ‘Garibi Hatao’ and remarked that poverty was never removed but the NDA government under him had lifted 25 crore people out of poverty.

He said that while Congress, DMK and the INDI alliance were speaking in loudmouth about SC, ST and OBC empowerment , the NDA government under him had lifted these communities out of poverty and provided them homes under the PM Awas Yojna. He said that the NDA government had provided electricity and water to several crores of people while Congress and DMK were just speaking about this.

He said that Congress was playing a dangerous game of discrimination and division in the country while the DMK was doing the same in Tamil Nadu. Modi said “ The NDA government had provided water to crores of people and houses through the ‘Jal Jeevan Mission’ , but the DMK was providing even water connection on the basis of the politics followed by the individual.”

In a scathing attack against the DMK, the Prime Minister said that it was time for the people of Tamil Nadu to give a send off to the DMK. He said, “ Everywhere I had been in Tamil Nadu, I have seen huge support for the BJP and people seems to be ready to give a nice send off to the DMK.”

Prime Minister also said that the Kongu region and soil has always been supportive of BJP and had elected a party leader to the Lok Sabha even during the period of Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

He said . “The INDI alliance partners does not want any tribe to be in power but the BJP and the NDA made a tribal woman the President of India but both Congress and DMK strongly opposed her.”

The Prime Minister charged that the INDI alliance partners do not have any trust in Indian scientists and this was evident during the Corona pandemic period. Modi said, “ While the INDI alliance partners were mocking at our scientists, we developed the Made in India vaccine that saved the lives of millions of Indians from the pandemic”

He said that other than saving the lives of fellow Indian citizens during the pandemic, the vaccine developed in India was exported to several countries and had saved the lives of millions of people of these countries also.

Prime Minister said that the INDI alliance people used to predict that the Indian economy would be destroyed in pandemic,but central government pumped in 2 lakh crore to MSME’s and due to this in areas like Coimbatore, thousands of MSME’s were saved leading to lakhs of people continued with their jobs.

Narendra Modi said that Tamil Nadu has high potential and high talent but since DMK government assumed office all these were ignored. DMK by increasing the power tariff destroyed the textile industries of Coimbatore and surrounding areas.

He said that DMK has always been running hate and division and its focus has never been for the development or growth of TN. Prime Minister said, “ I guarantee that we would develop the Kongu and Niligris area of Tamil Nadu and this is Modi gurantee.”

Prime Minister said that the DMK and Congress opposed the Ayodhya Ram temple construction. He said, “ Before the consecration of the Ram temple at Ayodhya, I had been to places connected with Lord Ram in Tamil Nadu. However the INDI alliance partners opposed that also. He said that the DMK even boycotted the auspicious occassion of Sengol installation in the new building of Parliament and added that DMK does not have a right to speak on Tamil culture and heritage.

Modi charged that the INDI alliance partners including Congress and DMK were trying to destroy Santan Dharma

Prime Minister in his speech also took up the Katchatheevu issue again and said that it was a week ago that the BJP had raised the issue. He said, “ Both the Congress and DMK have joined together and handed over Katchatheevu island which is an asset of Tamil Nadu to a foreign country and this has been a major damage done to the state.”

He said that the fishermen of TN were regularly attacked in high seas near Katchatheevu island and were arrested and jailed in Sri Lanka.

Modi said that the DMK was immersed in power and that they were insulting anyone or everyone who oppose them in Tamil Nadu. He said ,” The DMK people are speaking against our young leader, Annaamalai and asking publicly as to who he was.”

He said that Annamalai was a person who had cracked the tough civil services examination and joined the Indian Police Service. Narendra Modi said that DMK was attacking Annamalai as he was from a backward class community and that DMK does not like a youth from an ordinary family coming to the top in Tamil Nadu.

Modi called upon the people to teach the Congress and DMK a lesson during the elections and to vote for the BJP candidates and to make them victorious.

He introduced K. Annamalai, BJP state president and candidate for Coimbatore, Union Minister of state for Information broadcasting, L. Murugan who is fielded at Nilgiris, BJP state general secretary, AM Muruganandam who is contesting from Tiruppur and K. Vasanthkumar who is contesting from Pollachi Lok Sabha seat.

Prime Minister appealed to the people to vote for the BJP candidates and to make them victorious. He said that this would bring a new ray of hope for the people of Tamil Nadu as well as to cut a new development path for the state of Tamil Nadu.