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TN government cautions people against fake international job offers, warns recruitment agencies of stringent action

- May 26, 2024

Chennai, May 26 (BPNS)

The Tamil Nadu government has cautioned people against fake international job offers and also warned recruitment agencies against sending people abroad for such fake jobs. The Non Resident Tamils Welfare Department has said that stringent legal action would be taken against such agencies.

In a statement on Sunday (May 26) the department said that there were reports of several people being sent to Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar on tourist visas under the guise of IT and software jobs. The department cautioned the people that these people are being employed for illegal online activities.

The statement warned the people that those after reaching these countries refuse to do illegal online work, they were subjected to heavy torture including administering electric shocks and physical torture. The department said that it had already rescued 83 Tamil people from this racket on receiving complaints.

The statement also said that these fake jobs are mostly in Digital sales, Customer support services and added that many dubious companies duping people in the name of crypto currency and call centre scams were behind these jobs.

The department said that agents based out of Dubai, Bangkok , Singapore and India are recruiting people from India and cautioned people of Tamil Nadu not to fall in such traps.

Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone in Laos, Thailand is one of the major hubs of such illegal and fraudulent companies and added that those recruited were even taken as hostages and forced to work under tough mental and physical conditions.

The Non Resident Tamil Welfare department also warned people that a visa on arrival in Laos or Thailand does not permit employment.

The department warned that those convicted of human trafficking crimes have been sentenced upto 18 years in prison in Laos and Tamil people are requested to be extremely cautious and verify the antecedents of recruiting agents as well as of any company before taking up job offer.