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Vellore district election officer deploys nine additional flying squads as seizures increase

- April 14, 2024

Chennai, April 14( BPNS)

The Vellore district election officer VR Subbulaxmi who is also the district collector has deployed nine additional flhung squads. Presently there are 15 flying squads and fifteen monitoring squads in the Vellore Lok Sabha constituency.

An amount of Rs 1,05,55,470 was seized by the Election Commission of India since the elections were announced.

The number of flying squads is increased following an increase in the number of seizures in the Vellore Lok Sabha constituency. It may be recalled that in 2019, the Vellore Lok Sabha election was postponed after an amount of Rs 100 crore was seized from the residence of a close relative of the DMK candidate Kathir Anand. The election was later held in August 2019 after the Supreme Court intervention and Kathir Anand was elected but with a small margin of 8141 votes.

Kathir Anand is the son of the powerful DMK leader and state water resources minister, S.Duraimurugan. BJP candidate, A.C.Shanmugham is also a powrful leader and the AIADMK candidate, S.Pasupati is also in the fray.

Election commission officials have seized an amount of Rs 7.5 lakhs during first week of April from the residence of Natarajan, a close relative of the DMK candidate, Kathir Anand. BJP candidate AC Shanmugham has already charged that DMK was trying to subvert elections by spending huge volumes of money in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections also and called upon the election commission to monitor the constituency stringently.