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Tirupattur police requests tribes to surrender their unlicensed country made guns voluntarily

- May 27, 2024

Chennai, May 27 (BPNS)

Tirupattur police have requested tribals of Jawadhu hills to surrender their country made guns voluntarily and to get a general amnesty.

Police have communicated this to the village heads of Jawadhu hills in Tirupattur to surrender their country made unlicensed guns at a common place like temples or some other commonplaces so that the identity of those in procession of the guns are not revealed.

The Tirupattur Superintendent of Police ,Albert John told media persons that recently during a routine vehicle checkup, police seized some unlicensed guns leading to the convening of a meeting of the village elders and telling them to surrender these guns at a common place.

Police said that there are 177 licensed guns in the district and added that these were surrendered in the local police stations in the district due to the Lok Sabha elections. However police do not have exact details of the number of country made guns in the district.

The natives of Pudur Nadu, Nellivasal Nadu and Pungampattu Nadu in Jawadhu hills have been traditionally keeping illegal arms since pre-independence days. This was for hunting as also for protecting themselves against theft and to deliver the hill and forest produce to the local markets and safely return back to the villages.

Police said that there was no requirement of such illegal and unlicensed country-made guns for the villagers and hence requested them to surrender these unlicensed guns.