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TN forest department rescues cub elephant from 30 feet deep well in Nilgiris

- May 29, 2024

Chennai, May 29 (BPNS)

The Tamil Nadu forest department rescued an elephant cub from a 30 feet well in Kolapellur in Nilgiris district. The elephant cub ,according to local people, fell into the well late Tuesday night.

Forest department officials were informed and by 3 am in the morning a group of 40 forest department officials led by Gudalur DFO, Vengadesh Prabhu reached the spot and rescued the elephant cub by about 4 pm in the evening after herculean task.

The forest department officials told IANS that immediately after the elephant cub fell into the well, a herd of elephants camped near the well. Forest department officials said that they first drove the elephants out and then commenced the rescue operation.

Additional Chief Secretary to the Government of Tamil Nadu in the Department of Environment, Climate Change and Forests, Supriya Sahoo in a post in social media platform ,’X’ on Wednesday said, ‘ A very heartening news is coming in just now about the successful rescue and reunion of a juvenile elephant in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu Foresters in Gudalur Forest Division in Nilgiris have successfully rescued a juvenile elephant from a 30 feet deep sand well in farmland where the young elephant had accidentally fallen.”

She further said, “After 8 hours of challenging battle the team succeeded in making a ramp for the elephant to safely walk out of the well. After the rescue the team united the baby elephant with her mother who patiently waited nearby with the herd. Big appreciation to DFO Gudalur, Vengatesh Prabhu who led the operation with a team of 40 people from 3 am onwards”