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Deputy Election Commissioner holds review meeting with TN officials

- April 19, 2021

Chennai, April 19(BPNS)

The Deputy Election Commissioner of India, Chandra Bhushan Kumar on Monday held a review meeting with the Chief Electoral Officer Tamil Nadu, Satyabrata Sahoo and other officials on the counting arrangements at the centres. The meeting was held through video conferencing.

Election commission officials of Tamil Nadu said that it was a routine meeting with the state and district officials regarding the preparedness for the counting of votes to be held on May 2.

The district electoral officers also participated in the routine meeting which is the second one held after a meeting on April 16. The review meetings are held to have a fool proof feedback on the arrangements for the May 2 counting.

The complaints and petitions of political parties have also been subjected to review during the meeting ,according to an Election commission official.