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Stalin for strict adherence to Covid protocol even at home

- April 28, 2021

Chennai, April 28(BPNS)

DMK president and party’s Chief minister candidate MK Stalin has called upon the people of Tamil Nadu to strictly adhere to the Covid protocol announced by the state government. He appealed to the people to wear masks even at home and to strictly stand by the state government protocol  on Covid.

Stalin in a lengthy video appeal on Wednesday  said that the Covid cases are mounting in Tamil Nadu and called upon the Prime minister Narendra Modi to provide free vaccination to everyone in the state. He also appealed to the Prime minister to release sufficient funds to the states to fight the pandemic.

He called upon the people to maintain social distancing and not to come out of their homes unnecessarily. The DMK leader also said that people must vaccinate themselves immediately and appealed to wear masks and to sanitise their hands regularly.

The DMK leader also called upon the people of Tamil Nadu to eat traditional food including vegetables, fruits and to avoid processed food. He called upon the state government to provide adequate beds, ventilator facilities, medicines and vaccines to meet the growing demand of the people.

He said that temporary hospitals must be set up and equip all primary health centres to  treat Covid patients. He lashed out at the caretaker AIADMK government and said that once the DMK government comes to power, the  situation would be handled in a much better manner.

The DMK supremo also said that the central government exported essential items including Remdesivir drugs, Oxygen and vaccines even when Covid cases were mounting in the country and said that this was a major mistake of the Union government.

Stalin said ,” The BJP government at the Centre is promoting the concept of One nation, one ration card and one election, why there is different pricing for vaccines. The PM should immediately intervene and release ample vaccines to the state as well as release funds to the state governments to handle the crisis.”

He also said that with the GST, there is no revenue for the state governments and hence the Central government must support the state governments by releasing necessary funds.