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Greater Chennai corporation allows Private hospitals, hotels to open Covid care centres

- April 28, 2021

Chennai, April 28(BPNS)

The Greater Chennai corporation has allowed private hospitals and hotels to open Covid care centres of their own with all the necessary facilities. This was announced by the City commissioner G Prakash on Wednesday. The charges may be fixed by the concerned Covid care centres.

Presently the Covid care centres are being operated only by the Chennai city corporation at no cost to the patient.

There is no requirement of a license or permission from the corporation but an intimation is enough to open a centre at Chennai corporation.  An email has to be sent to jagadeesan.gcc@gmail.com to intimate the authorities before opening the Covid care centre.

The commissioner said, “There is no need for obtaining any permission, an intimation is enough”.

With Covid cases mounting and the city recording 4640 cases on Tuesday, the Corporation’s current bed capacity of 11,645 beds may not be enough as there is a possibility of the disease to peak by mid May.