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Covid 19 vaccination picks up steam in TN villages after initial hesitation

- July 7, 2021

Chennai, July 7(BPNS)

While the villagers of Tamil Nadu were initially hesitant and not allowing to get themselves vaccinated, the situation has changed over the days with most of the villagers getting the first dose of the vaccine and Nilgiris becoming the first district to inoculate all eligible people.

Some villages in Tamil Nadu is also showing gestures like providing gifts to the health workers who reach their hamlets to vaccinate the populace. Tamil Nadu health minister Ma Subramanian while speaking to BPNS said, “Things have come a full circle, from an apprehensive population who were running away from the health workers by climbing trees and diving into rivers, the villagers have come to terms with the vaccination and the necessity of getting inoculated themselves. Now they are inviting health workers with traditional Tamil ways and are also providing small gifts like sweets and fruits to the health workers. This is indeed a welcome sign.”

The minister also said that it was the tireless effort of the state health department and the revenue department and government officials with the support of volunteers and NGO’s under the guidance of Chief Minister, M.K. Stalin that made this possible.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, M.K. Stalin had presented a certificate of merit to Nilgiris district collector Innocent Divya on doctors day at the secretariat on the district’s achievement of vaccinating all the tribal population of the district as well as tea workers and other marginalized people thus becoming the first district in the state to have conducted hundred percent vaccination (First dose of vaccine).

Dr. k. Kathiravan of the Killiyur Primary Health centre while speaking to BPNS said,” There was reluctance on the part of the villagers when we organized a vaccination camp for the first time. They were of the fear that vaccines would kill them but we educated them through local social workers and our health workers but still, they were not convinced but when fifteen people tested Covid 19 positive and two people died they panicked and we told them that vaccination is important and then they listened to us. Now everyone in the village has vaccinated and have also showered us with their love and even small gifts like homemade sweets were given to health and revenue workers.”

The Health Minister has already gone on record that the state has the infrastructure to vaccinate 6 lakh people a day and that only a shortage of vaccines is pulling them back. The minister will be meeting Union health minister, Dr. Harsh Vardhan at New Delhi on Friday to apprise him of the ground situation in the state regarding vaccination.