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Petrol price reduced by 3 rupees per litre to make immediate economic impact, PTR Palanivel Thiagarajan

- August 17, 2021

Chennai, August 17 (BPNS)

The Finance Minister of Tamil Nadu, PTR Palanivel Thiagarajan has said that the petrol prices were reduced by 3 rs per litre in the state budget to bring in an immediate economic impact.

He was responding to a question by the AIADMK member of legislative assembly, Rajan Chellappa in the house on Tuesday. The minister also said that the government had provided indirect incentives to provide relief for diesel users also.

Minister said that by bringing in a reduction of Rs 3 per litre of petrol, 2 crore two-wheeler users are benefitted and said that the state government had to do its own research on the number of petrol and diesel users as the oil companies were not parting with their statistics.

He said that the government would take further measures after monitoring for 30 days the sale of diesel and petrol in the state. The minister said that he had consulted with the Chief Minister and had decided not only to give relief but to increase the demand and spending powers as well.

PTR Thiagarajan said that the statistics showed that fishermen, farmers, logistic companies and high-end cars were dependent on diesel and added that small cars operate on petrol.

He said that the state government had apprehensions on whether a reduction in input cost would reach the last mile as far as diesel is concerned even though a lot of trucks and lorries are operated using diesel. However, he said that regarding petrol it was crystal clear that reduction in its fare would benefit the common man- the 2 wheeler riders.

The finance Minister also said that there is no need for a government if it was not doing anything and not increasing taxes. He cited the example of Late Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, MG Ramachandran and said that he had made one percent increase in sales tax for feeding poor children.

He said that a good government must tax the appropriate section at the appropriate time for the benefit of social and economic justice. He said that the previous AIADMK government had increased the tax on diesel and petrol prices twice.