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NABARD extends 24.90 lakh grant for Integrated Mangrove Fishery Farming System in TN

- August 22, 2021

Chennai, August 22 (BPNS)

The National Bank For Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) has allocated a grant of Rs 24. 90 lakh rupees to a project on Integrated Mangrove Fishery Farming System (IMFFS) in Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu.

A statement from the NABARD on Sunday, said that the MS Swaminathan Research Foundation( MSSRF) will be implementing the project that is aimed at increasing the adaptive capacity of the fishing community.

The project is being implemented at Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu at 2.10 hectares of land in Mudasalodai  village and involving traditional and Irula fishers from Mudosalodai and Kalaignar coastal hamlets, mostly Pichavaram.

Scientists at the MSSRF said that this was a new kind of farming system wherein earthern aquaculture ponds are modified to provide 30% of the area for developing mangroves and the rest for fish cultivation.

The farms are being designed in such a manner to be tidally fed leading to them being more environmentally friendly and the presence of mangroves would reduce the impact of rising sea levels, scientists with MSSR said. The sustained harvest of fish would take care of the adaptive capacity of the coastal community also.

The farm pond is designed in the model of a mitochondria pattern and pond development include removal of weeds, deepening of water clogged areas, strengthening of pond bunds, floral and faunal diversity analysis, and mangrove plantation.