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Shutters of Idukki dam in Kerala opened after heavy rains

- November 14, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram, Nov 14 (BPNS)

After heavy rains lashed the catchment area of  Idukki dam a shutter was opened as the water level touched the red alert level.

The third shutter of the dam was the one which was opened on Sunday afternoon to a height of 40 cm and 40 to 50 cumecs of water was released from the dam.

The decision to open the dam was taken after the water level in the Idukki reservoir reached the red alert level at 2399 feet. The full reservoir capacity of the dam is 2403 feet.

Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) that is managing the dam in a statement said that water will be released in a controlled manner and the amount of discharge will be in phases.

Meanwhile, the water level in Mullaperiyar dam has also risen to 140.10 feet and the Tamil Nadu authorities are gearing up to open the shutters. Police in Idukki district have issued high alert for people living on the banks of Periyar river following the possibility of Tamil Nadu opening the shutters of Mullaperiyar.

Idukki district collector, Sheeba George in a press statement said, “ The assistant engineer of the Public works department, Tamil Nadu has intimated us that Tamil Nadu may release water to the Kerala side of the Periyar river from the Mullaperiyar reservoir. Hence those living downstream of Mullaperiyar dam along the banks of the Periyar needs to be vigilant.”

At Mullaperiyar the inflow of water into the dam was 2862 cusecs, Tamil Nadu has been drawing only 900 cusecs of water as the water level in Vaigai dam has reached its full capacity. Tamil Nadu stores the water drawn from Mullaperiyar at Vaigai dam.