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Chennai police to constitute NCC like units in 100 schools aimed at ‘Vulnerable’ children

- December 26, 2021

Chennai, Dec 26 (BPNS)

The Greater Chennai police is constituting  NCC like units in schools across the city named Student in Responsible Police Initiatives( SIRPI). The initiative is the brainchild of Greater Chennai City police commissioner, Shankar Jaiswal and will be initially implemented in 100 schools in the city.

The project is aimed at addressing the issue of juvenile delinquency and identifying vulnerable children and guiding them. The idea, according to the Chennai city police commissioner is to identify 50 students from each school and provide them uniforms and other facilities.

50 students from 100 vulnerable schools will be identified from Class VIII and above and included in the ‘SIRPI Wing” of the police.

Shankar Jaiswal while speaking to BPNS said,” We will be commencing the operation by the first week of January and will provide uniform to around 5000 students, both boys and girls and the 100 schools have already been identified.”

The commissioner also said that the design of the uniform and the shoes is on and the curriculum for the programme is also being worked out.

The city police will spend time with the cadets of the SIRP and books, uniforms and study material will be provided to the students. The children who are in the programme will be taken for tours to premier educational institutions and also understand how the police force is working to enforce the law of the land.

Shankar Jaiswal said, “The whole idea is to make them responsible citizens and we will conduct physical training, classroom training and instil discipline in students in a one-year curriculum which is being worked out.”

Resistance to social evils and empathy for vulnerable sections of the society will be cultivated in the cadets through field visits and information through classrooms and study materials.

The City police will depute the services of an Inspector of Police as the liaison officer between the police and the student cadets and schools. This officer will depute sufficient police officers for training of students and also will try and maintain excellent relationships with the concerned schools.

Legal literacy programmes in association with the Government organisations and Non-governmental organisations(NGO’s) will be conducted for the SIRPI cadets. They would be made to understand the value of traffic laws and inculcate right habits.

The cadets will be involved in staging programmes like mono act, street plays and also organizing campaigns against alcoholism, anti-drug campaign as well against terror activities. The culture and need for conducting national festivals and saluting the national symbols would be inculcated in the students.