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14.29 lakh people vaccinated on 19th mega vaccination drive in Tamil Nadu

- January 23, 2022

Chennai, Jan 23 (BPNS)

Tamil Nadu public health department on Saturday inoculated 14,29,736 people as part of the 19th mega vaccine drive conducted across the state.

Health department officials said that a majority of those who were inoculated on Saturday had taken the second dose of the vaccine.  The health and family welfare department in a statement on Saturday said that 10,27,810 people took the second dose of vaccine, 3,68,797 took their first dose and 33,129 took the booster dose.

The state health minister, Ma Subramanian while speaking to BPNS said, “ The state health department on Saturday has vaccinated more than 14 lakh people and I appeal to the people of the state who are yet to vaccinate to do it immediately.”

The state minister said that 89.6% of the eligible population have taken their first dose of the vaccine while 66.8% have taken their second dose of the vaccine. Ma Subramanian said that of the 5.56 lakh people who are eligible for the booster dose of vaccine, only 1.84 lakh have taken them till Friday.

He also said that while Covid -19 cases were increasing in large numbers in the state, it was less compared to the figures in Kerala, Karnataka, and Maharashtra. The minister also said that the case fatality rate was less in Tamil Nadu and added that those who were dying due to Covid -19 were those who were not vaccinated. He urged the people of the state to take vaccination with immediate effect.