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TN state medical council app for doctors to be launched 

Chennai, May 5 (BPNS)

The Tamil Nadu state medical council will launch an app for doctors that will standardize the prescriptions and other documents like leave certificates and death certificates. The app will be launched by mid-June according to Dr. K. Senthil, president of Tamil Nadu Medical council.

The medical council in a statement said that the work regarding the new app is almost ready and more features are being added to it to make it more user-friendly.

The prescriptions will have details such as the name of the patient, sex, date of birth, and vital details like height, weight, blood pressure, and other medical information. The application will connect the present prescription to the old one and according to the medical council will help doctors maintain the medical records of the patients for a few years.

Dr. Senthil while speaking to IANS said, “ The app will be targeting clinics, neighbourhood hospitals, and mid-cap hospitals that don’t have hospital information management software.”

The medical council president also said that these prescriptions can be sent to the patient’s mobile or can be emailed as PDF and the copy could be stored in cloud.

The new medical app will lead to standard formats for medical leave and death certificates. It may be noted that in the past two years there have been several complaints that doctors issue medical leaves and death certificates without detailing some medical information.

The objective of the medical app, according to Dr. K. Senthil will be to set standards and help doctors follow national and international protocols and keep track of all the documents.

The medical council president also said that the doctors can assess the newly formed app from mobiles and desktops or laptops.