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IIT Madras sets up centre to study human brain

- March 22, 2022

Chennai, March 22 (BPNS)

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras has set up a centre to study human brain. The centre intends to focus on high-resolution brain imaging and to map the human brain at the cellular and connectivity levels. The centre would be headed by Dr. Mohansankar Sivaprakasam of IIT, Madras.

The clinical team are headed by Dr. George Varghese of CMC Vellore, Dr Anita Mahadevan of National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Science and Dr J. Kumutham of Saveetha Medical College and Hospital.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate students of IIT Madras would be trained on cutting edge technologies in neuroscience and computing as well as machine learning techniques.

The institute has international collaboration with brain mapping institutes in United States, United Kingdom and Japan.

Dr. Vijyaraghavan of IIT Madras while speaking to BPNS said, “The brain centre would help solve the complex data in the brain that would benefit the world.”

The director of the brain centre, Dr. Mohansankar said that the strong medical collaborations and the technology platform developed by the institute allowed the centre to generate high resolution and large format histological sections of the human brain.

Dr. George Varghese from the CMC, Vellore who is heading the clinical team of doctors in the brain centre while speaking to BPNS said, “ The research work undertaken at the centre will help in bringing different outcomes for patients. This unusual combination of science and technology with medicine will help solve some of the complex theories on the human brain and in the long run will help the human race.”