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Jahangirpuri violence: Uneasy calm continues to prevail

- April 19, 2022

New Delhi, Apr 19

Even as streets near Jahangirpuri’s Kushal Chowk on Tuesday witnessed some resumption of normal activities, an uneasy calm continued to prevail in the violence-hit area.

Most shops remained closed for the fourth consecutive day, but a few vegetable and fruit carts were seen on the streets near Kushal Chowk.

People were seen buying vegetables and grocery items. The situation has improved from the previous day’s, according to locals.

Clashes broke out between two communities during a Hanuman Jayanti procession in Jahangirpuri on April 16, in which eight police personnel and a local resident were injured.

However, normal life is still impacted as there is a heavy security presence in the area.

Parents in the C-block area were mostly concerned about sending their children to school.

I am not sending my daughter, who studies in class 2, to school. Those who are sending are accompanying their kids till the premises of the school building. Even though there is a heavy police presence in the area, I’m scared, said Rupa, a resident of C-block.

Another parent said the violence is affecting their children as well.

I am not sending my three kids to school as of now as they are scared. My 13-year-old son had to go to school today (Tuesday) only because he had exams. My husband accompanied him till the school building, Razia, also a C-block resident, said.

Some children claimed that there have been arguments among higher standard students who attended their classes on Tuesday at a school in K-block.

Thirteen-year-old Rehan Ansari said, My parents asked me not to go to school for a few days. I am not scared but I heard that my seniors at the school had an argument over the incident.

Ansari’s mother said that she will not send her children to school unless the situation gets back to normalcy.

I don’t want to take the risk of sending my kids to school amid the current situation as I’m scared. My neighbours are Hindus and we all have been living here peacefully, Ansari’s mother said.

Fourteen-year-old Sheikh Armaan said that his parents have been restricting him from going to the school. He said, I have friends who are Hindus. We all study and play together. I heard my seniors at the school had arguments over the incident.