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TN Veterinary and Animal Sciences University  to preserve local cattle breeds from extinction

- April 26, 2022

Chennai, April 26 (BPNS)

Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences(TANUVAS) is on an ambitious project to preserve local cattle breeds or ‘Naatu Kuttai Madugal’ that are prevalent in Chengalpattu, Tiruvallar, Kancheepuram and Villupuram districts. The preservation is aimed to prevent the local breeds from extinction, a statement from TANUVAS noted.

The project cost is Rs 86 lakhs and will be set up at the Post Graduate Research Institute in Animal Sciences (PGRIAS) at Kattupakkam. The TANUVAS, according to the statement has already established conservation centres for local cattle breeds that include Kangeyam, Puliyur, Pargur, Umbalacherry and Alambadi cattle breeds.  The preservation, according to TANUVAS will prevent these native breeds from becoming extinct following cross-breeding through artificial insemination. The Naatu Kutai Madugal are 170 kg in weight and a height of 105 cm and yield milke  between 1 to 1.5 litres.

It is to be noted that the farmers resort to cross-breeding as the native breeds yield very little milk and farmers are at a loss in maintaining these cows.

While the yield of milk is very less for these native cattle breeds, the urine and cow dung of these breeds are used for organic manure. Farmers however told BPNS that they are not able to maintain the native breeds as the output of milk was very less while the output from crossbreed varieties is high.

The Kangeyam Research Centre which has several local breeds has been selling urine of these native breeds as the high nitrogen content of these native breeds is used in organic farming.

The TANUVAS said that they are planning to create a semen bank and supply it to farmers who are interested to rear these cows. Scientists at TANUVAS in the statement said that the returns from the native breeds are zero and is preserved to maintain their identity and for studies to the future generations on the breed.