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Oath row at Madurai Medical College: TN DME conducts enquiry 

Chennai, May 3 (BPNS)

The Director of Medical Education, Tamil Nadu, Dr. Narayana Babu has said that the Madurai Medical College has violated two instructions in the medical oath row of fresh MBBS students at the college.

Speaking to reporters after conducting an enquiry into the oath row at the Madurai Medical College, Dr Narayana Babu said, “ The Madurai Medical College has violated two instructions regarding the oath for freshers. It has violated instructions from the state health department and the Director of Medical Education (DME) to get clarification on any new/ fake circulars from the department and to follow a routine process of admission issued in February.”

Dr Narayana Babu said that the recommendation by the National Medical Commission to use Charak Shapath was only a circular and not an order. He also said that the Tamil Nadu health secretary had issued an instruction dated February 10th to all the Deans asking them to get clarification on all the new circulars from the department and said that some fake orders in the name of NMC were also getting circulated in the social media.

The Tamil Nadu Director of Medical Education clarified that the parliament had also clarified that Charak Shapath cannot replace Hippocratic Oath. He also said that Madurai Medical College had failed to take clarification from the DME and health department on the issue.

The DME also said that a full enquiry would be conducted and appropriate action taken against other Medical College Deans where the students have alleged to have taken Charak Shapath.

It is to be noted that the student council of the Madurai Medical College has taken up the responsibility of the first year MBBS students taking the ‘Charak Shapath’ instead of the traditional ‘Hippocratic Oath’.