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200-acre Pandeswaram lake rejuvenation in TN to be completed by October

- June 18, 2022

Chennai, June 18 (BPNS)

The 200-acre Pandeswaram lake rejuvenation project in Tiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu will be completed by October 2022.  The lake is getting spruced up after years of neglect leading to encroachments and deep craters have formed in the lake due to years of illegal sand mining.

The  Tiruvallur district administration in association with the Water Resources Department of Tamil Nadu and voluntary organization, Environmental Foundation of India has joined hands for the rejuvenation of Pandeswaram lake.

The lake is one among the 75 water bodies that are being restored by the Tiruvallur district administration under the ‘Oor Koodi Urani Kappom’ scheme of the Tamil Nadu government. The Jal Shakthi Mission of the Central government is also chipping in for the project.

The weeds inside the water body is being removed and the bund area of 2.1 km is also being strengthened. During the rejuvenation of the lake, the weir that allows surplus water to flow out of the lake would be maintained and repaired. Encroachments are removed and the boundary of the lake will be demarcated.

It is to be noted that the lake has been a source of irrigation and supporting brick kiln industries in the area.

Environment Foundation of India officials told BPNS that the lake after proper rejuvenation could be a source of water supply to the adjoining municipal corporations.  The NGO is planning to provide eight subsurface pockets or recharge shafts for optimum water storage.

The lake after rejuvenation can be a source of groundwater recharge and with its improved storage capacity can control floods in the downstream areas.

Sources in the Pandeswaram panchayath told BPNS that around 60 acres of the lake have been recovered from agricultural encroachments. The administration is in the process of removing structures that were built within the lake and according to sources in the Tiruvallur district administration, 45 structures are to be removed.

The Pandeswaram Panchayat is planning to convert the lake and adjacent areas into a recreation spot given the proximity it has to Avadi and Red Hills, where birds frequent.