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Madras HC grants bail to action choreographer, ‘Kanal’Kannan

- September 1, 2022

Chennai, Sept 1 (BPNS)

The Madras High Court on Thursday granted bail to Tamil action choreographer, ‘Kanal’ Kannan alias V. Kannan (59) in a case booked by the Chennai Crime Branch Police for a provocative speech calling for the demolition of the statue of Tamil rationalist and Dravidian ideologue, ‘Thanthai’ Periyar located outside the Sri Ranganathaswamy temple, Srirangam, Tiruchi district.

Justice G.K. Ilanthiraiyan  granted bail and directed Kannan to submit an affidavit to the court swearing that he would not indulge in further fiery speeches of provocative nature.

The court also directed the petitioner to appear before the investigating officer in the morning and evening on all days for four weeks. The court also directed the action choreographer to cooperate with the investigation.

In his bail petition, ‘Kanal’ Kannan argued that he had not done anything wrong in calling for the demolition of the statute of rationalist just opposite a temple visited by lakhs of people. He also contended before the court that police should have arrested those who have erected the statue and not him.

Kannan in his argument said that he was a member of the Hindu Munnani and said that the Sree Ranganatha  Swamy temple was frequented by a minimum of one lakh people a day and that the statue had inscriptions that stated that those who indulge in temple worship were barbarians and fools.

The petitioner said,”Sri Ranganatha Swamy temple is a holy place where at least one lakh Hindus worship a day. The petitioner said that he does not believe in what he said was against any law of the country. On the other hand, the existence of the statue with those words is certainly an offense punishable under Sections 153 ( promoting enmity between different groups0, 505(1) (b) ( disturbing public tranquility ), and 505(2) ( promoting enmity between classes) of Indian Penal Code”.

‘Kanal’ Kannan also said that many videos were circulated on social media insulting Hindu gods and goddesses as well as the faith of the Hindus, but no action has been taken yet against the perpetrators.

He also said that police did not register a case against those people who were insulting Hindus on social media.