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TN road accident deaths dip by 8.1%

- October 18, 2022

Chennai, Oct 18 (BPNS)

The accident deaths in Tamil Nadu have come down by 8.1% when compared to the previous year. While 45 deaths are reported per day in the state in the current year it was around 49 deaths the previous year. The Tamil Nadu State Programme manager of TN Accident and Emergency Care Initiative (TAEI), Dr S. Maruthu Thurai in a statement on Monday said that while the number of accidents has gone up, the deaths due to these accidents have come down and this is due to the state government programme, “ Innuyir Kaapoom- Nammai Kakkum 48’, through which the state government will bear the expenses of emergency care for accident victims for the first 48 hours.

It may be noted that TAEI is focusing mainly on paralysis,  heart attack, accidents, burns, poisoning and emergency care management and resuscitation of children.

The Tamil Nadu government officials said that the state was planning to reduce deaths on road by 50% from the current rate by 2030. The officials of the emergency care department said that drunken driving has been the major cause of accident deaths but a large number of these go unreported for getting insurance claims.

It may be noted that the “Innuyir Kaapoom- Nammai Kaakkum 48” was launched by the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, M.K. Stalin at Chengalpattu on December 17, 2022. The Chief Minister had then said that the state government was paying special attention to reducing road accidents, preventing fatalities and improving road safety.

Tamil Nadu Accident and Emergency Care Initiative officials including doctors told BPNS that ten months after its inception, the scheme has become a major support programme for accident victims and that in the coming years the number of fatalities on the roads will come down in good numbers.