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Coimbatore police for tenant data bank

- November 5, 2022

Chennai, Nov 5 (BPNS)

Coimbatore Police have commenced a door-to-door survey on the residents who are inhabiting in the city after the terror links in the Coimbatore car blast have come out in the open. Tamil Nadu police have in a raid conducted at the residence of the deceased Jameesha Mubin found several incriminating documents including eulogizing the ISIS ideology.

The police have already communicated to the owners of buildings to produce details on identification proof,  family details, mobile numbers, permanent address, previous address, and nature of work.

The Coimbatore police is in the process of collecting data bank of the residents in the city. The police have already communicated to the house owners that as soon as a tenant occupies a building, his details have to be produced to the police. The owners will have to inform the police when the tenant vacates the premises also.

It may be noted that the deceased Mubin has been staying on the first floor of residential premises at H.M.P.R. street in Kottaimedu near Sangameswar temple for the past month.

It may be recalled that an intelligence report had a list of 96 persons who had to be under police surveillance and Mubin was listed as 89th. The residential address of Mubin was then Vincent road but in a month’s time, he had shifted to H.M.P.R street.

This has also activated the Coimbatore police to conduct a door-to-door survey and communicate to the owners of buildings to submit to the local police station on the tenants with all details.